Camp Common Folk

Recently I was lucky enough to attend 'Camp Common Folk,' a workshop and retreat for wedding photographers in the WA forest put together by a collective of WA based wedding photographers. I imagined I'd be going to share business chats with like minded people and hear from some of the best photographers in the wedding business, but what I came out with was so much more. The speakers not only talked about their businesses and how they got to where they are now, but their own personal journeys and challenges in life and how that has influenced their personal and wedding work.

I was incredibly inspired and humbled by how open everyone was and it gave me a whole new perspective on myself as an individual and a photographer. More than anything it gave me an intense appreciation for what we do as wedding photographers - the power of connecting with people and being invited to share one of the most intimate days in a couple's life is a pretty special thing. I have an amazing job and I'm intensely grateful for it.

Below are just a few 'happy snaps' I took over the course of the 3 days at Donnelly River, but they don't even begin to show how incredible the whole camp experience was. Warning: contains about a million photos of adorable kangaroos.